How to Clean Wood Doors

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How to Clean Wood Doors

Wooden doors are a common feature in most homes. Interior doors, in particular, tend to be made of wood because of the material’s versatility and durability. Wooden doors are typically pretty easy to clean, although there are a few things you should be aware of before deep cleaning the wooden doors within your home.

It is always best to avoid any harsh chemical cleaning ingredients when looking at how to clean wood doors, as these can quickly strip or damage the finish of the door. Maintaining the cleanliness of your wooden doors with regular light maintenance using gentle cleaning products is the best way to keep these much-used fixtures clean and sanitized.

Here, we are going to talk you through the best ways to remove dust, dirt, and bacteria from the wooden doors within your home, using only natural ingredients.

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How to Clean Wood Doors

Remove Surface-Level Dust and Dirt

The first step in the How to Clean Wood Doors guide is to remove any surface-level dirt. Wooden doors often accumulate a thick layer of dust and their frequent use within the home means that dirt particles can quickly accumulate here.

For this step, we highly recommend this duster from E-Cloth:

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E-Cloth’s Flexi Edge Floor & Wall Duster has an aluminum handle that extends up to 5-feet, making it super convenient for reaching the top of your wooden doors and areas around the door casing. Made from microfibers, the duster head will grab all dust or dirt particles and trap them for a quick, easy clean.

The duster is also completely washable; the removable duster head can simply be tossed in the washing machine and is guaranteed to last up to 200 uses, making it a great affordable, eco-friendly cleaning solution.

For a thorough pre-clean, run the duster over the entire door, not forgetting the edges and any hardware or fittings.

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Use a Gentle Surface Cleanser

Next in the How to Clean Wood Doors guide, you’ll want to give the door a good clean with a high-quality microfiber cloth and a gentle surface cleanser.

Again, we highly recommend these microfiber cloths from E-Cloth:

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Our favorite microfiber cloths for use around the home are the general purpose clothes from E-Cloth. Whether you're wiping down the kitchen table, countertops, or scrubbing just about any other surface in your house, these clothes are effective, durable, and affordable. Over the course of a year, you'll save a huge amount of money on paper towels and cleaning solutions, plus you can keep the chemicals out of your home.

The General Purpose Microfiber Cloths are affordable, eco-friendly, and highly effective. The cloths pick up and trap dirt particles and also have antibacterial properties. They’re great for use all over the home, making them an excellent staple item to keep in your cleaning closet.

In terms of your surface cleanser, there are various all-natural, chemical-free cleaning products on the market for you to choose from. If you have a preferred brand or product, first check that it is safe for use on wooden surfaces and won’t cause any damage to paintwork or wooden finishes.

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Alternatively, you could make your own DIY cleaning solution. It’s super easy to make, the ingredients are likely to be things you already have in your home, or can be found easily online or in most stores, and the solution is multi-purpose; suitable for use all over the home.

Our preferred solution consists of equal parts distilled water and white vinegar mixed with a small amount of your chosen essential oil. White vinegar has antibacterial properties and is tough on grease, grime, and stains, while still being super gentle and non-toxic. The essential oils are optional but can add freshness to your home; many essential oils also have added antibacterial properties.

Mix your solution in a clean spray bottle and spritz over the entire door. Then, go in with your clean microfiber cloth and work the solution into the wood. Allow this to sit for a little while if the dirt is particularly stubborn, and then go back in with your microfiber cloth after giving it a good rinse and remove the solution. You should be left with a sparkling clean wooden door.

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Spot Clean any Stubborn Stains

If, however, you have some more stubborn stains or grease spots on the door, you might need to take some additional steps to tackle these.

Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective stain remover and is naturally derived and completely non-toxic. It easily cuts through dirt and removes stains from almost any hard surface.

With that being said, however, hydrogen peroxide is a harsh ingredient and can cause discoloration or damage to the paint or finish of your wooden doors. If you are going to use hydrogen peroxide on your wooden doors, do so sparingly and always carry out a spot test on a less visible area of the door such as the top edge.

You might find that you need to touch up the paintwork or varnish after carrying out this step.

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Sanitize any Fixtures

When deep cleaning your wooden doors, don’t forget about the hardware and fittings. Handles are prime spots for bacteria to build up and should be sanitized regularly.

To do this, simply go back in with your chosen cleaning solution and a clean microfiber cloth. Spray the solution over the hardware and then give them a good scrub with the cloth. This should be done roughly every week to minimize bacteria within the home.

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Allow the Door to Dry Thoroughly

Our last step in our How to Clean Wood Doors is one to pay attention to. Once the door has been thoroughly cleaned it is super important that you allow it to dry fully and as quickly as possible.

If the door has been oversaturated with liquid and is not able to dry out adequately, you’re likely to see the growth of mildew, mold, and possible warping of the wooden door.

To avoid this, always use cleaning solutions sparingly and never use too much liquid when cleaning your wooden doors. To dry the door thoroughly, allow plenty of airflow through the space, and utilize any heaters, fans, or dehumidifiers that you have within your home to speed up the process.

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Final Thoughts on How to Clean Wood Doors

The steps laid out above on how to clean wood doors should enable you to deep-clean your wooden doors, removing any dust, dirt, and bacteria that may be lingering here.

If you feel that your doors need a more thorough clean, you could also consider using a steam cleaner. As we have stated, however, it is important not to over-saturate the door, which is a real risk when using a steam cleaner. Ensure your steam cleaner has appropriate setting options and ensure the door is able to dry out quickly afterward. It might be best to avoid this option if the door is painted, as this could cause bubbling or lifting of the paint.

By incorporating regular maintenance of your wooden doors into your regular cleaning routine, you should be able to keep your wooden doors looking sparkling clean and free from any lingering bacteria.