Best Cloth for Cleaning Windows and Glass

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Best Cloth for Cleaning Windows and Glass

I used to HATE cleaning windows, shiny appliances, and mirrors. I never seemed to be able to get them clean without leaving a streak behind or paper towel lint so would be left spraying and wiping over and over again until I eventually gave up...that is if I even attempted to clean them in the first place!

This has not been a problem since finding the best glass cleaning cloth from Norwex and E-Cloth. Actually, the only “problem” I have now is that I tend to clean these things more often and I do more than I initially set out to clean because of how quick and easy it is to do.

Best Cloth for Cleaning Windows and Glass

Norwex and E-Cloth are companies that manufacture high-quality microfiber products. Each of their microfiber strands is so small that it is 1/200th of human hair (you can fit 200 microfiber strands in the size of one human hair strand)! This causes small grooves in the cloth that absorb all sorts of dirt, grime, debris, grease, and even germs and bacteria!

The microfiber window cloths are woven in a flatter, smoother way compared to the cleaning cloths these companies make so that it cleans and dries the surface with a polished finish that is flawless.

When it comes to the quality of microfiber, the size of the microfiber count makes a huge difference in the performance of the cloth (for a product to be considered “microfiber” it only has to be 1/50th of human hair size). This is why both Norwex and E-Cloth are leaders in this field due to their high standards for their products.

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Why You Need an E-Cloth or Norwex Window Cloth

Save Time and Effort

For cleaning any type of smooth shiny surface such as windows, glass, chrome, stainless steel, and even plastic these streak-free cloths cannot be beaten. Not only are the best cloths for cleaning windows necessary for the ease of cleaning these surfaces, but there is also no need for any yucky cleaning products since you only need to use water with the cloth.

Yes, your read that correctly. Clean your windows and mirrors faster and easier with just water for a perfect, streak-free, and lint-free clean!

Years ago, during a Norwex party I was hosting at my house I was explaining to a friend who was newer to microfiber cleaning products that she needed at least one window cloth. She responded that she doesn’t really clean her windows, which I could relate to prior to using one of these amazing window cleaning cloths. I asked why that was, which the response was that it is a pain and took too much time. I told her that is EXACTLY why she needed one of these window cloths. By the end of the party she was going around cleaning all my windows to try it out and kept wiping more of them because of how quickly she was able to do it. Needless to say she purchased one of the Norwex glass cleaning cloths that day!

Remove Harmful Cleaning Chemicals

Besides the better cleaning experience and result, you will be able to remove harmful chemicals from your home and save money since you will never need to purchase glass cleaner again or use paper towels for this job.

I continue to see articles about the harmful effects of cleaning chemicals that we expose ourselves to on a regular basis. Glass and Window cleaner specifically tends to wreak havoc on our bodies since many use ammonia in their products.

Do a quick search online for the ingredients that are found in many of these products and you will see that there are negative impacts on your respiratory, endocrine (hormonal), digestive and nervous systems. There also can be skin and even vision irritation or damage.

Also, be sure to check the ingredients on any “natural” glass cleaning products. You might be surprised to find that the ingredients listed can also cause some of the same concerns. If you just have to have a window cleaning spray product for this task, check out our article: The Best Non-Toxic Window Cleaner: Natural Eco-Friendly Glass and Window Cleaning.

Even if you are not interested in cleaner living or removing chemicals from your home in all your spaces this area alone could make an impact on your overall home environment. You could throw away at least one cleaning bottle and save space in your home by just using this type of cloth.

My son still tends to play at our sliding glass door and likes to smear his hands all over and even licks it sometimes, yuck! It is moments like this that I am glad that he is not touching and ingesting unnecessary chemicals. And I like knowing that I can easily clean up this new mess (and have him help since we are not using harmful chemicals) 😉

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How to Use the Best Glass Cleaning Cloths from Norwex and E-Cloth

Unlike many of the Norwex or E-Cloth cleaning cloths that are used wet to clean, the window cleaning cloths are used dry. Think of this cloth as a drying or polishing cloth on your smooth, shiny surfaces.

Method #1

To use, just spray water on the surface you will be cleaning and wipe off to dry with the window cloth. You can use a water spray bottle that you already have or purchase one from Norwex or E-Cloth.

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Method #2

Or, my preferred method due to life with kiddos, use a wet Norwex or E-Cloth microfiber general cleaning cloth first to wipe the surface to remove dirt, smudges, or messes. Then use the window cloth to wipe to further clean and dry. In my home, there is usually a smudge or some grim (think yogurt smears or who knows what) that needs to be removed prior to cleaning the window.

Our Top Pick
E-Cloth General Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • High-quality microfiber
  • Affordable
  • Clean with just water

Our favorite microfiber cloths for use around the home are the general purpose clothes from E-Cloth. Whether you're wiping down the kitchen table, countertops, or scrubbing just about any other surface in your house, these clothes are effective, durable, and affordable. Over the course of a year, you'll save a huge amount of money on paper towels and cleaning solutions, plus you can keep the chemicals out of your home.

These window cleaning cloths have a fine weave/low pile for wiping up small particles and some grim but would not work as well as I need to “clean up” a mess. So a quick wipe of the surface with a wet cloth (with a little rub if needed) and then a quick wipe with the window cloth to dry.

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A Few of My Personal Tips When Using a Norwex or E-Cloth Window Cloth

  • I will often wipe down a few windows or surfaces (usually in the same room) with my wet cleaning cloth and then go back over with the window cloth so I am not switching back and forth between the cloths as I am cleaning.
  • In the bathroom, I wipe my mirror with the wet cleaning cloth then move to the sink, counter, faucets, and cabinet doors. Then I use the window cloth to dry the mirror and faucets for a perfect shine.
    • You could also use the window cloth to dry the counter or any other surface you clean with a wet microfiber cleaning cloth. However, I am usually in a hurry and let my less shiny surfaces air dry.
  • As the window cloth gets damp and wet while I am using I will use less water on the windows or surfaces I am cleaning, which allows the cloth to dry as I am working.
    • For example, I will just use my wet cleaning cloth to wipe the lower 2 feet of the window to scrub off the kid grime and then wipe the entire window with the window cloth that is damp from cleaning previous windows.

When using the Norwex or E-Cloth window cloths they will get wet. They still “work” when wet but not as well as when they are dry. When using damp or wet there will be a wet streak that will dry quickly without leaving a real streak behind. Trust me on this, just let it dry (don’t keep wiping it causing additional wet marks to appear).

If you prefer to use the window cloth only when dry, just have an extra on hand to be able to switch between. Or let the cloth air dry before using again or throw in the dryer for a few minutes when needed.

Where to Use the Window Cleaning Cloths

There are many places the best glass cleaning cloth is helpful to use to clean. Besides the obvious of cleaning windows and mirrors here is a list of other places:

  • Bathroom: chrome, brass, or other shiny facets or surfaces
  • Kitchen: appliances (not just stainless steel), sink faucets, and basins
  • Car: windows, dashboard, light coverings, dashboard
  • Chandeliers: shiny metal, plastic, glass, or crystal
  • Glass or metal furniture: such as tables or TV stands
  • Lamps: plastic, glass, or metal lamps
  • Knick Knacks: use to wipe down crystal, plates, ceramics, candle holders, picture frames

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Which is better: Norwex vs. E-Cloth

Now that you know why you should have at least one of these high-quality microfiber window cloths in your home and how to use them, which one is the best cloth for cleaning windows for your needs?

Norwex Window Cloth

The Norwex Window Cloth retails in the $20-25 range. Depending on where you purchase it and there could be shipping costs as well.

NORWEX WINDOW CLOTH!!!! (Original Version)Norwex Window Cloth

Check the price on Amazon


  • BacLock/AntiBac Technology – I love that the Norwex window cloth has the BacLock technology. BacLock is basically silver that is melted and infused into the cloth fabric that inhibits mold, bacteria, and germ growth within the cloth as it hangs to dry. This helps to prevent the “smelly cloth” issue that typically cleaning cloths can have.
  • Works well, even when wet. There might be a smear of dampness when used wet but will dry quickly and will leave a streak-free finish.
  • Holds folded shape – when cleaning with microfiber cloths I like to fold in half and then in half again. This way as I use the cloth I can just turn it over or fold it the other way so I have a new, clean surface. The Norwex window cloth is a little firmer/stiffer of a cloth so holds this folded shape better than the E-Cloth.
  • No Lint – Lint-free cleaning with no little particles left behind on the glass or mirror.


  • Cost – the only issue I have with the Norwex window cloth is the cost. It is expensive but will last for years and you will never need to buy any type of glass cleaner again and will make cleaning so much easier (I believe this is worth something as well).

E-Cloth Glass and Polishing Cloth

The E-Cloth Glass and Polishing Cloth retail for approximately $8. However, is much cheaper if you buy in their bulk option (4 for $20 or 12 for $50 at the time of this post). E-Cloth offers free shipping on orders over $40 and reasonable shipping costs for anything under $40.

Best Glass Cleaning Cloth
E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloths
  • Made with high-quality microfiber
  • Clean with just water
  • Cleans glass, windows, mirrors, chrome, and more

E-Cloth has designed these clothes specifically for glass so you can clean and get streak-free results. All you need is water, no window or glass cleaner. These reusable cloths are guaranteed for 3 years or 300 washes, so you can be sure they'll last. And like all E-Cloth products, they're available at a very reasonable price. You'll save a lot of money without using paper towels and window cleaner, plus you'll be able to keep those chemicals out of your house.


  • Cost – hands down the better value microfiber window cleaning cloth with both the initial cost of the cloth and the shipping costs.
  • Works well, even when damp – the E-Cloth glass and polishing cloth works well and gets the job done. However, when it gets wet from cleaning multiple surfaces the cleaning performance tends not to be as great as the Norwex window cloth (although, we are talking about a slight difference here).
  • Dries quickly – the E-Cloth window cloth is a thinner material so is able to dry quickly when doing a large job or when hung up after use. *see con lists as well*
  • No Lint – Lint-free cleaning with no little particles left behind on the glass or mirror.


  • No silver only a con if this is something you care about. E-Cloth does not use silver in its cloths. This means that there is no additional help within the cloth to prohibit mold, mildew, and bacteria growth. I tend to wash my E-Cloths more frequently than my Norwex products for this reason. Even without washing often (we are talking 1x per week or every other week) I have never noticed an odor or an issue from my E-Cloth window cloth.
  • Thinner fabric – as mentioned above in the pros, this cloth is a thinner fabric so it dries quickly. But it also makes it harder to fold and hold a shape while using. By the end of a large cleaning project, I end up just bunching up and wiping the window down. Which works completely fine to do the job but is different than how I would prefer to use the cloth.

Which Cloth Would I Choose/Recommend

Now that I own and use both cloths for my cleaning needs, which one would I say is the best cloth for cleaning windows and recommend? Good question.

When I use my window cloth, I usually do not wash it right away. Since it sits out for anywhere from 1-2 weeks while I use it periodically it is nice to know that nothing is growing within the cloth. But since I am not really cleaning off messes with this cloth (since I use a cleaning cloth first) there isn’t really anything in the cloth that will grow the stinky bacteria. I have never noticed an odor from my E-Cloth glass and polishing cloth, even when using the same amount of time and leaving it out to dry as Norwex. The E-Cloth window cloth fabric is thin and dries quickly after use when hung to dry.

Honestly, this was a tough one for me. They both do an excellent job at polishing up mirrors, windows, etc. The Norwex window cloth does a little better job when the cloth gets wet. This means you can go longer with your cleaning up duties. But the difference really is minimal.

If I were to do it all again, I would just go for the E-Cloth Glass and Polishing Cloth 4 pack as that seems to be the best glass cleaning cloth value since you can get 4 E-Cloth Glass and Polishing Cloths that costs the same or less than only 1 Norwex Window cloth. This way I would always have an extra clean and dry window cloth ready to go. For most of my glass, shiny surface cleaning one cloth would work but for larger cleaning projects it would be nice to have 2, especially if one gets dirty or when working on exterior windows.

Best Glass Cleaning Cloth
E-Cloth Glass & Polishing Cloths
  • Made with high-quality microfiber
  • Clean with just water
  • Cleans glass, windows, mirrors, chrome, and more

E-Cloth has designed these clothes specifically for glass so you can clean and get streak-free results. All you need is water, no window or glass cleaner. These reusable cloths are guaranteed for 3 years or 300 washes, so you can be sure they'll last. And like all E-Cloth products, they're available at a very reasonable price. You'll save a lot of money without using paper towels and window cleaner, plus you'll be able to keep those chemicals out of your house.

I have been able to clean the interior of 42 large windows, 4 glass doors, 2 French doors, 3 mirrors, 1 full length mirror and 3 large bathroom mirrors, random surfaces like the front of my washing machine and dryer with only 1 E-Cloth Glass and Polishing cloth at one time in just under 1 1/2 hours.

I could have done more but my son was napping and my daughter needed help with homework (it is insane how many windows we have in our home…this should help you gage the effort for your home. In my last home we had around 20 windows and 1 sliding glass door so 1 window cloth would definitely have been enough and would have taken 20-30 minutes depending on how messy they were).

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Final Thoughts on the Best Cloth for Cleaning Windows and Glass

Get one!!! Seriously, regardless of the brand you decide to go with it is crazy how much easier the best cloth for cleaning windows and glass makes in undertaking the task of cleaning windows, mirrors, chrome, etc. I honestly could not imagine not having one (or more) in the house we currently live in with over 50 windows.

I literally gave away bottles of window cleaner that were left behind by the previous owner (that and wood/furniture polish). I was so thankful to already own my microfiber products so I could immediately get rid of these unnecessary chemicals, that were left lying around I would worry about my young kids getting into.

Depending on your budget, it is nice to have at least 2 around so you always have a clean, dry cloth available for those larger cleaning projects that need to be done or if one gets dirty (you can rinse and rub to clean the window cloth under warm to hot water, but you would have to wait for it to dry before continuing with the job).

Also, I love that these best glass cleaning cloths can be used by my kids to actually help me do a job (or clean up a mess that they made) and it actually does clean up the mess. Many times, they will use the cleaning cloth to clean the window, or even stainless steel appliance, and I will go over with the window cloth (or since I have multiple window cloths they can help with this too). It is a great way to help teach them the responsibility of helping to clean up the mess they make without exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

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